Welcome to the first day of ENG 205: Interactive Fiction Writing. There are so many things we could do today! We could: [[Introduce ourselves]] [[Talk about interactive fiction]] [[Talk about the syllabus]] [[Talk about the homework]] [[Talk about the blog]] [[Hear some good news / bad news]] [[End class]]I bet at least one of us has played the viola. [[Back->Welcome!]]Interactive fiction: you're soaking in it! [[I bet the homework has something to do with this.->Talk about the homework]] [[I dislike homework. Go back!->Welcome!]] Fascinating, as all syllabi are. [[Indeed!->Welcome!]] It's been a while since you've been in third grade. [[Yes, it has.->Welcome!]] In the end, life is only: [[Good news]] [[Bad news]] [[Too existential for the first day of class.->Welcome!]]It's been real, and/or fun, and/or real fun. But does he say class is over? [[How could a class as beautiful as this be over?->Welcome!]] [[Go forth!]]Good news: Life is an adventure! [[Yay!->Hear some good news / bad news]]Bad news: Life is little more than pain and death! [[Way to bring us down, Prof. Best.->Hear some good news / bad news]] Homework: <ul> <li>Read syllabus</li> <li>Read Ford: Intro and Ch. 1</li> <li>Read CYOA book (at least 1/2 hour)</li> <li>Be prepared to talk about CYOA book & your experience with interactive fiction</li> <li>Set up blog & write post (100 words) about CYOA book</li> <li>Bring flash drive / laptop to class</li> <li>Be awesome</li> </ul>The full assignment is on My Courses / eLearning. Recommended platform: Wordpress. [[I can't wait to share my brilliant thoughts with the world!->Welcome!]]